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Signs and Symptoms of Functional Vision Problems

The following behaviours could indicate that a person has a vision or visual information-processing problem. If you observe one or more such symptoms; a functional vision examination is recommended.

Observable signs and symptoms:

  • Crossed or lazy eye
  • Frequent head tilting towards a particular shoulder or side is markedly higher
  • Blinking/closing of one eye, Excessive Squinting
  • Places head close to book while reading
  • Poor visual/motor skills (hand-eye coordination)
  • Clumsiness “clumsy” “clumsyâ facing problem moving in space, or frequently bumps into things or drop things
  • Hitches in catching and/or throwing hovering objects
  • Seems to favour the use of one eye
  • Burning or itching in the eyes, appears reddish
  • Headaches in forehead or temples
  • Indicates posture problems

Behavior-Related signs and symptoms:

  • Short attention span
  • Irritable, nervous or quickly fatigued while reading, looking at books, or doing work which needs close focus
  • Exhibits signs of emotional or developmental immaturity
  • Doesn’t get along well with others
  • Blurry vision
  • Nausea or dizziness
  • Motion sickness
  • Double vision

Performance or work-related Signs and Symptoms:

  • Repeatedly confuses left and right directions
  • Grasps the object, hold the book unusually close
  • Tilts or Twists head toward a object or book for favouring one eye
  • Frequently gets lost in the place when reading or copying from the board/paper
  • Struggle remembering what was read
  • Difficulty in remembering, identifying and reproducing geometric shapes
  • Reverses words often
  • Makes use of finger to read
  • Rubs the eyes during reading or after short periods of reading
  • Recurrently skips words and/or has to re-read
  • Repeatedly omits small words
  • Struggles with handwriting
  • Head movement back and forth (instead of eye movement)

Please take the survey how often the following symptoms are experienced by you or your child: Quality of Life Survey

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