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How is Functional Vision defined?
Functional vision can be defined as how your entire visual system works — the eyes, brain, and the visual pathways — they all work together to help a person interact with the surroundings and environment.

Why doesn’t schools or other optometrists do a Functional Vision Exam?
A lot of students do not have vision issues, so conducting these tests on every child would be a heavy cost bearing activity. Though limited in scope, vision screenings are less costly. Most of the screenings include a little more than reading the letters on a distanced eye chart, but this test cannot completely identify if a child has the visual skills that are essential for effective reading and learning.

How do I find out if my child has amblyopia (lazy eye)?
Amblyopia is quite difficult to identify. A Functional Vision Test can be the first step for identifying the condition. You may contact Caring Vision Center if you’re looking forward to schedule a Functional Vision Test.

Is surgery necessary for getting amblyopia (lazy eye) treated?
Surgery is at times performed for strabismus, but not for amblyopia. You don’t need surgery to fix a lazy eye, a proper Vision Therapy is essential which should be carried out by experts in the field.

Lazy eye is hereditary?
Sometimes, it is. A family history of strabismus and/or amblyopia is certainly a risk factor for developing amblyopia.

Is Strabismus Hereditary?
Strabismus may have a hereditary factor, but that’s not always the case. It varies from patient to patient.

How Long Does It Take for Strabismus Treatment?
The length of treatment differs in different patients. It is based on the type of strabismus and response to the undertaking treatment that how long the treatment will go on. The best way to understand the complete length of treatment for a specific case is to get a Functional Vision Test done by an expert optometrist.

Are there any Eye Exercises for curing Strabismus?
There are activities but it depends on what your case is. An expert developmental optometrist may direct the activities that can be performed in the clinic and home on a certain interval basis.

What is convergence excess? Convergence excess is a problem with teaming of eyes. If a person with convergence excess looks at a near point target, their eyes converge to a point which is nearer than where the target really is. For example, if a book is seized 15 inches away from the reader, the eyes may be pointing at a spot which is only 13 inches away.

In an ideal case, both eyes should point in the same spot and perceive visual space correspondingly in order to work together as a team and deliver effectual vision.

What are the causes of convergence excess?

Just like convergence inadequacy, convergence excess consequences from poorly established control of convergence. Dissimilar to convergence insufficiency, a person with convergence excess is good enough to converge their eyes but then over-converges them.

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