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On the auspicious and special occasion of Vasanth Panchami and Republic Day, we are extremely proud and excited to announce our new Joint Venture, MOU signing ceremony with the KRM Groups of Institutions and Dr Vasantha Gowri. This Joint Venture will work towards many new community based projects and also towards establishing new Clinical Facilities to provide and extend our services in the field of Vision Therapy, Vision Development and Vision Rehabilitation in the Northern Chennai Region.

  • Caring Vision Therapy & Neuro-vision Rehabilitation Centre is in VSA -News UK. One of our very successful treatment techniques which includes Optometric Syntonics Phototherapy-for Adult Amblyopia is featured in the Magazine of Vision Science Academy in – Many Congratulations to team Caring Vision and Optom Karthik Gupta to Author this News Blog and getting selected on the Global Platform.
  • We are glad to be featured in the official page of College of Optometrist in Vision Development- USA



    This week’s Flipper Friday submission comes to us all the way from Caring Vision Therapy & Neuro-Vision Rehabilitation Centre in Chennai, India.

    A great thanks to Dr. Rabindra Kumar Pandey -FCOVD (Director), Priya Pandey (Associate Director) and all of their team members for showing off some Flipper Friday spirit! They all look fantastic!

  • We are extremely Happy to add the most advanced virtual reality Vision Therapy System for the treatment of Amblyopia and Strabismus to our Practice. This new advanced system will integrate with our current protocol of treatment and also enable us to produce better and faster results even with the most difficult cases.
    • We are extremely happy & excited to introduce India’s 1st Neuro Eye Tracker at our esteemed organisation.

    This offers a wide range of test stimuli that can be presented on the screen following a quick calibration, the system records the position of each eye at approximately 60 measurements per second.

    The equipment replays exactly where the patient was looking and shows the horizontal and vertical position of the eyes and convergence/ phoria. Powerful built in analysis algorithms automatically provide a range of statistics relating to reading performance.

    Most binocular vision tests measure “static” binocular function – i.e. the target is static and the patient if given plenty of time to bifoveate. However, in the “real world” the eyes are very rarely static as we search the visual field using a succession of saccades with brief fixations in real time.

    Our New Eye Tracker allows us to assess binocular function while the patient is reading or making a series of saccades or performing other complex tasks. This provides a far more realistic assessment of their binocular status under normal conditions.

    This advanced New Eye Tracker can also be used to assess eye movements in patients with other oculomotor anomalies like nystagmus, incomitant squints etc. At last, you have a tool which will allow y

    • While maintaining the same legacy and trust of Caring Vision and with the utmost demand of public and on huge request of our existing patients we are extremely happy to establish our another new branch  of Caring Vision at your city of Hyderabad. Our Hyderabad branch will be operational from 1st April 2023 onwards. For more information kindly contact our office.

    ou to visualise and quantify eye movement anomalies.

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