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Amblyopia iNET

HTS has created an amblyopia hand-eye coordination program which uses principles of operant conditioning and behavior modification to appropriately alter stimuli characteristics to improve visual acuity. Patients begin therapy with targets that are easily seen and become progressively smaller as therapy progresses. Correct responses are reinforced with subsequent reduction in the size of the stimuli. Therapy is directed to improve resolving ability with concomitant use of hand-eye coordination tasks. Therapy can be preformed monocularly or monocularly in a binocular field.

The AmbP iNet program is fully automated and easy to use.

The New Internet Compatibility Feature Allows You to Manage Your Patient’s Program from your office computer via the internet

Perceptual Visual Tracking Program

Developed by Sydney Groffman, O.D., F.C.O.V.D.

Subutizing iNet

A new evidence based home therapy program designed to improve Math Skills.


Computerized Perceptual Home Vision Therapy System.

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