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“From the front desk staff to the medical assistants to Mr. Rabindra Kumar Pandey & Ms. Priya pandey I had an amazing experience. Every person at Caring Vision Professionals was very capable, very kind”

“This was such a great experience. Having Amblyopia can be a scary thing since you only have one set of eyes! But Mr Rabindra Kumar Pandey and his staff always put me at ease, explained everything clearly to me, and answer all my questions. Mr. Rabindra Kumar Pandey was always very open and honest with me about what he would be able to do to help me with my vision.” 

“The Caring Vision Theraphy Centre is great and I always had a comfortable experience at all my appointments. Everyone was always very attentive and helpful. My treatment was very smooth and a success! I went from only being able to see the big.” 

“I returned to Mr Rabindra Kumar Pandey for my son eye examination. The results were excellent. I am so very grateful to Mr. Rabindra Kumar Pandey for the excellent care. I found him professional, knowledgeable and caring. I would recommend him very highly.Thank You!” 

“It’s a wonderful service they take complete care for all your needs i am recommending this service for all don’t hesitate everyone is very professional.”

“I had an outstanding experience with Mr. Rabindra Kumar Pandey and his entire staffs. I had very successful Functional Vision Exam in both eyes, and am so pleased with the results as well as the care provided to me. I’m very happy to have Mr. Rabindra Kumar Pandey and Caring Vision Professionals caring for my vision in the future.” 

“A good centre with dedicated therapists, and better environment. I’ve been taking my child for almost a year. Mr&Mrs Rabindra sir and his team are very loyal and genuine.They guide you in the right path. They assess the things correctly and suggest opt and proper solutions for overcoming the same and the stable improvement is noted. As with any therapy, parents should not expect overnight miracles. With lot of supporting homework, changes will come which we can easily witness ourselves. The staff members are very friendly and they update and explain all the activities to parents. Trust worthy place..” 

“Caring vision therapy centre, true to it’s name is run by a doctor couple who really care for the kids they help. Very professional set of therapists who are friendly with kids. 1 year back we heard from a friend about this place. Results were visible after Just a month. Great place and very good service.”

“Very professional and dedicated unit. I have been doing this therapy for my son with special needs online as I am based away from India. I am seeing improvements since we began Reflex integration and Vision therapy with the clinic. Hoping to see more progress in the future. A very committed and caring team.”

“Its almost 7 years back when we first heard about the concept called Vision Therapy . My daughter had vision issues from her birth. From bringing her to see through the eyes with focus and to make her read, hold pencil and write and involving in a balancing activities has really made her a confident individual. She struggled to write the alphabets when she was in first grade and with constant help from the team, her handwriting is one of the best in the school. Am extremely thankful to both Ms Priya and Mr Ravi to have given her the utmost care when needed the most, extremely patient just not with mine but all kids and they ensure they get the best out of every child.”

“My son has improvised in visual stimming behaviour. Really every session we could see good results and worth for the fee they charge. Every therapist takes kids individually and Train them

“I first heard about the concept of Vision Therapy when Dr Rabindra Pandey did a webinar in summer 2020. It was an eye opener for me! Impressed with his knowledge and expertise and with the unique services offered by Caring vision therapy and their holistic approach I immediately approached Dr Pandey to help my daughter (ASD) . After a systematic evaluation which not only included vision assessment but also gross motor, fine motor and reflex tests, a comprehensive online therapy programme was started. Clear goals were set and progress reviewed and shared regularly with us. 8 months on she has made good progress overall. We continue to have online sessions with Dr Priya. Dr Rabi and Dr Priya are very knowledgeable, dedicated, caring, friendly and approachable. My heartfelt thanks to them for helping my daughter and many other kids through their service. Highly recommend Caring Vision therapy. 

“After being disappointed with various centres and doctors offering vision therapy in Bangalore, we came across Caring Vision. We were extremely pleased to meet Ravi Sir and Priya ma’m with the way they went ahead with a home program for my son after a detailed assessment. Not only are they extremely knowledgeable in this field but also very warm, easy to approach , caring and thoroughly professional. Also they have all the latest tools and techniques and a great team who work sincerely with the child 

“Caring vision therapy is the best place to identify, rectify and cure whatsoever related to vision , I have had a best result with both my son’s . I was clueless of what to do, where to start, but Rabi sir ,Priya ma’m & their team were so co-operative to make me understand , and clear my doubts whenever required . The patience and support they give to each individual is outstanding.. thanking them both so much. 

“Best place for vision therapy with international standards. By God’s grace I found this place to help my daughter to get her on par with all students of her class when she had difficulty in reading and writing. Highly recommended for kids with any form of learning difficulties. Proper assessment is done in a scientific approach and root cause of problem is identified and Physiotherapy along with vision therapy is given in a systematic way Which helps to rectify all the issues.

“Our son is diagnosed with mild delay in development especially in speech. He had transient eye contact, had inability to read small letters, words and sentences though he had an IQ of about 120. He was very good in studies but had difficulty concentrating continuously for tasks that needed more visuals. After few months of vision therapy here at ashhok nagar, we started noticing changes like able to hit moving balls, able to read words and sentences better than before. There has been a overall improvement in maturity post betterment in visual fixation, eye contact and understanding things. We owe a great lot of thanks to these people who have helped us in our times of helplessness. God be with them. Hope this helps many who are facing similar issues with their children.”

“None of my words can express our gratitude towards Dr Rabindra Pandey and his extremely professional team. He has been a blessing for us and our child. His experience and vast knowledge of advanced technology has been of immense help and support to our child. All I want to say is a big thank you to him for always being there for us. God Bless him and every single person of Caring Vision.”

“Best Vision therapy, you are doing great service to us, very very dedicated and very well treatment. I am extremely thankful to you sir and ma’m. My heartfelt thank you for helping my girl.” 

“Caring Vision could be a game-changer for people looking to enhance visual learning. Unable to visually follow a moving object much, our son has now come a long way. The exercises/activities are fun and the approach to the entire therapy is holistic. There is an input of OT & ST alongside the Vision therapy. Mrs. Priya, Mr. Rabindra Pandey, and all the other staff are friendly and ever ready to listen and help. They treat children with utmost love and respect. The entire therapy session is transparent. The parents are welcome to sit through the therapies. At any point, when clarification is needed on a topic related to vision, we get to have comprehensive explanations for the same. This center has all facilities and high-end equipment and by far one of the most well-maintained premises, for a service dealing with special needs children. The Caring Vision team has been doing a remarkable job. Would highly appreciate and recommend their service!”

“Very diligent and caring. It is tough to deal with children who have these challenges but Dr. Ravi and Dr. Priya take care of them as their own children. The right therapy customised for the children. Art and science of making your children see better.”

“My son was diagnosed with brown’s syndrome – which is apparently weakness of the superior oblique eye muscle. As a parent we tried consulting all the top eye hospitals in Chennai as well as Mumbai, all that we heard was it’s a disability which is not easy to correct or correcting surgery might lead to malfunctioning or different function of the normal vision or normal sight’ in different phrases and languages. They slowly made us to move on with this issue of his. But, all thanks to god. Through my cousin we got to know about vision care centre and many thanks to Ravi Pandey sir and Mrs Pandey. After 10 sessions with them I can a tremendous changes which is unbelievable and I can see my son’s development and progress. Without surgery and without medications I am surprised with the results we see.”

“After joining vision therapy, considerable changes.There is development in reading, recognition (both alphabets &numbers) and concentration power also improved a lot.Thanks to Ravi sir,priya ma’m and whole vision team.” 

“We heard about Caring Vision through a friend when I was worried about my son’s poor eye contact. We immediately approached Priya Ma’m and started therapy. Within few sessions of the therapy, his eye contact improved drastically. Not only eye contact, they work on many other developmental activities like perception, reflex integration and many more. Both Ravi sir and Priya Ma’m are kind enough to listen to us and they correctly assess our child and prepare a plan to work on. They have wonderful software and equipments that is required for the child. Thanks to Ravi sir, Priya Ma’m and their team.” 

“None of my words can express our gratitude towards Dr Rabindra Pandey and his extremely professional team. He has been a blessing for us and our child. His experience and vast knowledge of advanced technology has been of immense help and support to our child. All I want to say is a big thank you to him for always being there for us. God Bless him and every single person of Caring Vision.”

“None of my words can express our gratitude towards Dr Rabindra Pandey and his extremely professional team. He has been a blessing for us and our child. His experience and vast knowledge of advanced technology has been of immense help and support to our child. All I want to say is a big thank you to him for always being there for us. God Bless him and every single person of Caring Vision.”

“This centre provides an excellent streamlined therapy. They start with a systematic evaluation and provide customised therapy for each individual. They also keep track of the goals and the progress in each stage of the therapy and provide transparent feedback. Mr.Ravi and Mrs.Priya are very professional and very approachable and provide a transparent environment. The therapists under their guidance work pretty well with kids. Priya ma’m meticulously plans each session and is accommodative of parent’s requests. They also strive towards implementing the latest approaches in the field of Vision therapy.”

“Good place for vision therapy and neuro vision rehabilitation…..providing latest facilities in vision therapy.. and learning related problems too…As an optom, Professionally I m learning so many things …I m very happy to work with in this kind of environment.”

“I have been taking therapies from caring vision therapy for my daughter( with ASD )since 2019 .. It’s not only about vision sessions their strategies to integrate gross motor ,fine motor, cognition, balance and coordination with vision helped my child to show results soon..Mr.Rabindra pandey , Mrs. Priya Pandey and the skilled therapist working under them brought smile in many of the parents like me.” 

“From my experience, Mr.& Mrs.Rabindra Pandey are true professionals having the correct expertise on the subject. They very well know what they do.Keep up the good job!”

“I can’t thank enough Dr. Rabindra Pandey, Dr. Priya Pandey and the most amazing team of Caring Vision. The best vision therapy centre in India with all the latest technologies and research. His professional approach, clarity in terms of treatment and communication is exceptional. I will always be grateful to him for being there for my child and for us.” 

“Caring vision is a leading vision therapy Center in chennai specialising in children with additional needs. Dr. Rabi and Dr.Priya are very knowledgeable and serve with compassion and kindness. The whole team under their guidance work with children passionately. We have seen very good improvements validated by quantifiable results with my child after undergoing therapy here with regards to learning, cognition and attention. They invest a lot on the latest technology and services like primitive reflex integration and syntonics so as to enrich the lives of all the children under their care than reaping profits. They have helped a lot in gauging the IQ for not yet verbal children through visual medium. They come highly regarded and recommended !!”

“Dr.Rabindrakumar Pandey and his wife Dr.Priya has been highly instrumental in channelising my son Vishal’s hyperactive perceptions to a systematic and streamlined thinking. This has enabled him to be good at reading, counting , comprehending situations in life and logical reasoning. An eye for details, picking out the specific information from a cluster are few of the remarkable changes he showed with three years of rigorous and dedicated support from the Caring Vision team. We are extremely thankful to all the support and guidance provided by them. The warm smile, strong will to work on the child has been their success forte which I admire as the mother of this ASD child. Kudos to the team and may they tread towards making many children empowered in their own lives.” 

“Mr.Rabindra Pandey and Priya Pandey are very patient with the kids. They explain every step of the therapy very clearly. Their online sessions are very good. Being away from India, their online sessions have benefited my kids a lot.”

“It’s a very positive environment to work. A lot to learn and expand our knowledge about vision therapy. An excellent oppurtunity for me i would say … Optoms who want to go to the next level other than just refracting this is the apt place to work. We all optometrists should learn that an optometrist is not just a refractionist,.we can explore others fields in optometry and vision therapy is the one and only best one so far. we r the only one centre that has been excelling not only in vision therapy but also in syntonic phototherapy, neurorehabilitaion, primitive reflex integration, low vision rehabilitation , advance contact lenses for any age.”

“Caring Vision Therapy center is run and conducted by Dr. Rabindra Kumar Pandey and Dr. Priya Pandey. This concept and therapy is a very unquie one and a field not touched by many in India, though it is believed to be practiced abroad. Positives of the place is the owners ( Mrs and Mr. Rabindra Kumar Pandey) are very approachable. They are very patient and good listeners too. They hear out to what we parents want to share with them and accordingly provide their inputs to us. The therapist and team of Caring vision center are very friendly, straight forward and deal their clients / children with lot of care and affection. “ 

“Best place for vision therapy and neuro vision rehabilitation in chennai. Provided with all latest facilities for therapy, learning related visual issues, primitive reflexes and photo therapy.”

“I am so delighted that I’ve found the best vision-therapy in the world, I am from Kurdistan and 23 years old when I was a child I realized that I had amblyopia or “lazy eye” but all the Optometrists in my country said your eye cannot be cured, these last 2 years my lazy eye was out of my control it was turning upside left especially when I was taking a photo and my vision was a disaster I could not read even one word on my mobile with my lazy eye but fortunately it’s been 3 months I am taking remote Vision-therapy with Mr/Ms Rabindra Pandey team they are so experienced Vision-therapists which now I can do my homework and even play video games, I suggest their remote therapy for all who are suffering from Lazy-Eye and they are outside of India the best thing they have is the flexibility of their time you can choose which day and which time you want to take their session, keep up the good job” 

“Providing excellent vision based therapy to the special children. My son’s squint reduced and eye contact improved through various therapy given by them.”

“Great place for vision related problems.. Improvements are monitored regularly.Had gained a vision of 6/6p from 6/9 within weeks time.” 

“Best place to visit for vision enhancement and treatment of squint eye. Have got very positive results.” 

“Dr.Ravi sir and Priya ma’m is doing grt job in vision therapy and reflex therapy ….very kind and have patients to explain all our doubts.”

“Very good place for vision therapy. All the staff work with dedication and its an open place.”

“Quality as per the name ,with love and affection to all children to help and support to improving the development”

“One of the best Vision Therapy center in India.almost all services available for all kind of vision and learning related Problems.all the best sir and ma’m , you are giving grt service to society “

“A centre for excellence in Binocular vision, Neuro vision Rehabilitaion, learning related vision problem and Vision Therapy”

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